28 April, 2009

Cocoon in Mikrolimano, Piraeus

This Sunday, Hubby, I and two friends of his met up in Mikrolimano.

Hubby's usual haunt is Marina Zeas, but these friends are not from Piraeus and preferred somewhere more convenient for them.

While Marina Zeas is for people of every age, Mikrolimano is mainly for younger generation, or rather not for elder generation. There are a lot of "beautiful people" around.

Not knowing exactly where to go, we entered a club like cafeteria called Cocoon.

Cocoon in Mikrolimano

It is directly onto the harbour and has a great view. But in price wise, it isn't different from Flocafe or Costa Costa in Marina Zeas.

Problem was that the music (there were two DJs) was too strong that the conversation was difficult. Instead of having a chat over coffees, we ended up in shouting to each other.

Later we noticed too late that the other building of the same cafeteria behind the road was much more quiet.

Smoke from the table next to us created another problem. How much I wished the smoking ban comes in Greece as soon as possible.

While we were walking alongside the row of cafeterias (I think they turn themselves into clubs in the evening), model- or actress-class beautiful women approached us saying "Kalispera Sas" to entice us into their shops. It made me laugh. I don't know. It was kind of surreal. You need to come and see.


Post Scriptum

We revisited Cocoon a few weeks later. Having learnt from the above experience, we stayed in the other building. Although it is farer from the sea, the view actually is quite good.

There was music and wasn't totally quiet, but it was kept to a reasonable volume to let the people speak without shouting to each other.

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