22 March, 2009

Tsoureki + Cookies = ?

Was today 'Stavroproskynesis' day? Dim's mom told me about it, but could not find any reference on internet. We missed the mess this morning and don't know what happened, although afterwards we got a branch of dendrolivano (Rosemary) from church. Anyway...

When we had a coffee party at home inviting some friends and brothers, one of the guests brought us this strange cake.

Sorry that it is already cut and eaten; guests ate some pieces and the photo was taken on the day after.

From this angle, you can see it is a toureki bread coated with chocolate.

For those who are not familiar with toureki, it is sweet bread with eggs and butter, Greek brioche, so to speak. It is typical bread of Easterday, but we can find it in bakeries and cake shops all year around. For more detail, please refer to this article in Wikipedia.

Toureki biscuits

This is the section. Do you see yellow and chocolate colour stuff in between?

These are cookies! Who would thought stuff brioche with cookies? I often feel disappointed by Greek sweets, but this one did impressed me. Although I am not 100 % sure about the match of cookies and brioche, the dry and cruntchy texture of cookies and the syrup soaked lower part of toureki make an interesting contrast. Besides, as all the parts are so tasty that the combination itself wasn't that important.

It is an original product of chocolate & cake shop Max Perry of Drapetsona area of Piraeus. It has two more shops on Thevon road. Although I am not a chocolate lover, I would love to pay a visit.

This flower is also a gift from one of the guests.

We bought the exactly the same flower when we moved in to a new flat in UK 5 years ago. Strange coincidence.

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