03 March, 2009

Home Made Pizza

Home made pizza is a Greek institution. Any housewife has to know how to make pizza at home from the scratch.

At least that is what appears to be from what I hear from my Greek friends.

They do not usually make round pizzas from Italian pizzerie, but large square ones in the shape of oven vat (tapsi). The bread part is normally very heavy and the topping is very very generous, with tomato sauce, meat, vegetables, mushrooms, sweet corns, and cheese and more cheese. This pizza is a Greek food that you will not find in Italy.

By the way, last week I made a pizza in the attempt to consume as much cheese as possible before the Lent.

The bread part came out too crispy, probably because I used only soft flour. I thought I put quite a lot of cheese but, actually, I could have put more. Mushrooms was another element which was lacking here.

Apart from these shortcomings, it was OK and Hubby finished this large pizza - I used 300 grammes of flour - single-handedly.

When the Lent finishes, I hope to make more attempts for my perfect pizza.

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