19 March, 2009

Hyma Wine

Although Greece is a wine producing country, the bottled wine in supermarket shelves is surprisingly high, around €5 and above.

I used to live in Italy, and back then, it started about €2-3 and above. I don't know if the price of bottled wine in Italy increased since then, but the Greek wine was already as expensive as it is now.

So, do the Greeks should pay a fortune to buy Greek (not that great, Greek wine, to be honest) wine?

Of course not. The secret lies in the non-bottled wine sold in wine shops (the secret also lies in home made wine from horió - meaning 'countryside', but the actual connotations are subtle and difficult to translate - that they buy from relatives or friends, but for this, on another occasion).

The non-bottled wine is called το χύμα κρασί and it is sold either by weight or volume. You can bring your own empty bottle/container, but usually they can also sell you plastic bottles or glass containers.

Recently I found a Cretan hima wine shop in neighbourhood and took Hubby to buy a bottle (as he is the one who drinks). One of the great things about these shops is that you can taste the wine before you buy. After tasting 3 red wines, Hubby picked up this one.

Red Wine
5 year old red - brownish red actually - 1.5 litre for €3.90. It is quite reasonable. Cheaper ones are less than €3, not much more than a bottle of coca cola.

The quality of hima wines ranges very widely, some are absolutely horrible but some are incredibly pleasant. It is essential to taste before you buy.

I discovered this Creatan wine shop sells also other Cretan groceries; I will back to investigate more.

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