17 March, 2009

Waffle @ Costa Costa

Another night out with friends.

We went to Costa Costa, one of the trendy cafeterias/bars of Marina Zea (Passalimani), Piraeus).

On this occasion, I did not fancy coffee or tea. I don't drink alcohol either. After some consideration and perusing of the menu, I decided to a waffle. It came with two scoops of ice cream of my choice - vanilla and pistachio in this case.

It was totally different from the buttery and sugarly Belgian waffle I know. Well, no one said it was "Belgian", so I should not complain. It was more like a fluffy pancake made in waffle mold. Very soft and not over-sweet. Although the pancake itself was freshly made, I don't think the whipped cream was freshly whipped.

It did not taste bad, but I felt it was soulless. I often sense this soullessness when I eat West-European type cakes and sweets in Greece. Maybe I should stick to baklava and ravani. But then, these are really Turkish.

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