04 March, 2009

Snacking on Tyrini Sunday

Under this title, you would expect me to write what to eat as snack on the Tyrini Sunday (Cheesefare Sunday - 1 March 2009 this year). But, no. Sorry. I am not writing about that. I am just writing about what we snacked on the 1st of March.

It was the last day of the Carnival (Apokreas) season and we headed for Moschato, as Hubby thought there was a parade there. When we arrived, however, we found out that it finished some days ago and the festival was still held only in Aghios Ioannis Redi. Hubby proposed to go to Redi by taxi, but, being uncertain about where exactly held, I would rather go to Monastiraki.

Anyway we walked around Moschato a bit and, feeling peckish, Hubby bought this apple pie (milopita). It was 1.50euro if I remember well.

Apple Pie

Greek milopites are usually made with flaky pastry, but this one was like soft biscuit with apple filling. Hubby said it was nice. This bakery had quite a lot of nice looking things like chocolate filled croissant soaked in syrup and damaskino pie and I am tempted to return, if there is a chance.

We got the ISAP again and arrived at Monastiraki.

There were a quite lot of people around but there was no event happening. Being slightly disappointed, we went for a further snacking: Pork Gyros in Pita bread.

I thought the quantity of meat was a bit stingy, but it did taste OK. I particularly liked the soft pita, which was not at all oily. It was 1.80euro.

Then, to cleanse the palate, we bought a mango sorbet from gelateria.

The sorbet was made from mango pulp (from tin, I presume). Recently I am getting fed up with artificial flavourings used by some gelaterie, but this one tasted natural enough. Will go back to sample other flavours. It costs 1.80euro for a ball and 0.10euro for a corn (which was nice as well, but you can choose paper cup if you like).

We then met up with a cousin (i.e. Hubby's cousin) for coffee. We casually entered in a cafe-bar-restaurant called Pica Pica in Psyrri.

Our coffees came with some slices of marble cake.

When we were leaving around 8 o'clock Monastiraki Square was full of people. There were musicians and singers on the stage and some people are holding plastic cudgels: I have never seen it, but Monastiraki Carnival is famous for people hitting each other with these cudgels and throwing water some times.

Being rather tired, we left for In-Laws' home where the dinner was waiting for us.

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