06 October, 2011

Bad Meal @ Olympia

At the last weekend of September, we went for a drive for Olympia.

About the historical sites and monuments, I will write at Gate to Greece and here I write only about a bad meal we had at Olympia.


We arrived at Olympia at the dinner time. As we did not have real lunch, we needed to find a place to eat quickly. So I decided to go to this taverna Aigaio/Aegean which was recommended by a hotelier when I visited Olympia last time. I knew also that it was highly recommended at Tripadvisor.


It is a typical touristy taverna which serves from pizza to moussaka. The first thing which impressed me about the restaurant was the pricing, not in a good way. Many of the things were over priced. Who would order talamosalata for 8 Euro? Answer: only the tourists who do not know the right price in Greece. Everything was about 20-50% more expensive than touristy tavernas in Plaka, Athens.

We carefully chose cheaper dishes from the menu as we decided it was not worth investing in this experiment.

This is oven baked feta. In taste wise, it was normal, but the thinness of the feta was incredible. Have you seen a feta sliced in 0.5 cm in Greece???

Feta sto fourno

Cabbage Salada was at least average, I have to say.

Cabbage Salad

Pork Gyros was a nightmare. We were quite sure the meat was stale. It smelled terrible and we had to removed it from the table. (But my poor husband ate it partially, although I advised him not to).

Besides, if you pay 8 Euro for a gyros platter in Athens, you would get a more decent portion.

Stale Pork Gyros

I ordered oven baked chicken and potatoes (7 Euro).

kotopoulo sto fourno

It was edible, although it was palpable that it was heated for hours.

With a small bottle of water, a beer and bread, the total was 30 Euro. For those who think it is OK price, I have to stress that we chose very carefully cheaper dishes. You would have paid easily 40 Euro for the same sort of poor meal.

I ate 4 dinners in Olympia, and none of these was satisfactory. Maybe I have to avoid eating in this town at all.

ΤΗΛ. 26240-22540
γυρος 8
κοτόπουλο 7
φέτα 5.5
σαλάτα 3.50
βύρα 4
νερό 1.50
ψωμί 1

After the meal, we stopped at a cafeteria/restaurant called Zeus for a drink.

I checked the menu as well and found the pricing much more normal than at Aigaio. If I have to eat Olympia again, probably will try this one.

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