07 October, 2011

Resto-Cafeteria Zeus @ Olympia

The Day 2 of our Olympia trip.

We visited the museum & archaeological site of Olympia and then the museum of the history of ancient Olympic Games. This last is little known and only few tourists visit it, but I strongly recommend it to anyone who has a bit of extra time in Olympia. It explains very well (with exhibits and with explanations in four languages) the ancient Olympic games and the ancient culture of the games in general.

We finished the sightseeing at 1:30 and needed to sit down and drink/eat something. So we returned to the cafeteria/restaurant Zeus where we had drink the evening before.

Zeus Cafeteria Olympia

I woke up a cat sleeping on one of the chairs. Sorry.


We ordered Hubby's favourite snack: Club Sandwich. For some reason, Club Sandwich is a very popular item at cafeterias and you can find it almost anywhere.

There was a rather long wait until the item arrived and we understood why. Evidently they freshly fried the chips.

Club Sandwich

It was quite edible as club sandwich of cafeterias. For just 6.50 Euro, I won't complain at all.

Olympic Club Sandwich

She also joined in our lunch time snacking.


ΤΗΛ. 26240-23913

After the rest, we left for Chelmoutsi.

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