15 October, 2011

Peccati Di Gola @ Glyfada

After more than a year, we went back to Peccati di Gola.

Glyfada is not particularly close to Piraeus, but we like it because 1) easy to park, 2) we can combine a walk and food, 3) there is a decent range of choice of restaurants.

Now that I work in Alimos and not any more in Kolonaki, probably we will find ourselves in Glyfada in Friday evenings more often than ever.

We visited this restaurant in May 2010 (I wrote about it here) and left with a good impression.

From outside, it did not look busy, but the manager (who should be one of the owners) said all the indoor tables were reserved (it was not warm enough for us to be seated outdoor). It seemed that this business was still going well. However, we got a table which was reserved from 23:00 on; it was still 20:30, so we had plenty of time.

A bottle of water was an obligatory order and Hubby ordered a Peroni beer.


Last time, we made a mistake of ordering mozzarella di buffala and prosciutto crudo (not due to the problem of the dish, but the portion was so large that we got full half away through the main dish) and this time we did not repeat it. This is Verdure alla Griglia.

Verdure alla Griglia

I like grilled vegetables so I liked it. It included lots of garlic and fresh thyme.

Hubby ordered Pizza 4 stagioni.


The pizza dough was much softer than usual ones we find in Greece. The cheese, again, is not regular yellow cheese that often used for pizze in Greece. The quality of the ingredients seemed above average. Hubby was happy with it.

I ordered Saltimbocca alla Romana instead.

I think that the Roman style saltimbocca should be made with veal, but this one was with pork. As veal is readily available in Greece, I am not sure what was the reason of this choice. To keep the price low probably is the most probably explanation. Anyway, it was satisfactorily good with strong sage (salvia) flavour.

A bit disappointing was to find as accompaniment the same grilled vegetables that we had for the starter. They - especially the waitress who I think was the other owner - should have give it a bit thought.

Hubby had an expresso after the meal and the total came to 41 Euro. We were not offered limoncello as last time.

Not cheap, but considering that we paid the same for the imho inedible meal at La Pasteria, this is much better value. Probably this is what we should pay at Italian restaurants in Athens.

Service over all is just OK. The indoor space is limited and, tables being close to each other, we felt a bit uneasy especially when the waiters ran around us constantly.

Bill in Detail
Water 2 Euro
Peroni 500ml 4.50 Euro
Verdure alla Griglia 6 Euro
Saltimbocca alla Romana 13.50 Euro
Pizza alle quattro stagioni 12.50 Euro
Espresso 2.50 Euro

Total 41 Euro

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