10 October, 2011

Galaktoboureko @ Megalopoli

This happened two weekends ago.

On the way to Bassae (Vassai) we stopped at Megalopoli for a rest. We looked for a good place for pies and I saw this at the central square of Megalopoli.


"Traditional Galaktoboureko of Megalopoli".

And I send to Hubby, "Honey, I think I should try this". He agreed only reluctantly, because he was looking for cheese pie and this was a sign of zacharoplasteio (patisserie).

When we went inside and he was even more disappointed to see a stale-looking cheese pies, but the savior appeared from behind the counter and told him that there are fresher ones in the oven.

Here is the traditional galaktoboureko of Megalopoli!


The Megalopolitan galaktoboureko had a very soft custard filling, almost like custard pudding. Had a nice eggy flavour and no unpleasant taste of undercooked semolina.


We loved it.

The cheese pie (tyropita koulou) also was "super" with a good quality feta cheese.


We left happy and content.

Kafe-Zacharoplasteio Astoria

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