25 October, 2011

Portokalopita @ Izmirli Aile, Piraeus

The Athenians' life has been much disturbed by intermittent strikes of public transports and I had to walk many kilometers to walk home from work (not that walked all along, but about 6 km a time).

During one of these walks, I found this Turkish named place in Piraeus. It is called Izmirli Aile.

According to Google Translate Aile means family, so it is probably Izmir's family.

It says it has been since 1922, i.e. a year before the official Population Exchange, but already many of the Orthodox residents in Asia Minor were leaving their home. I am guessing the first owner of this shop was one of them. But the use of Turkish is actually unusual.

This shop was supposed to be patisserie (zaharoplasteio), but it seemed to be functioning more as a cafeteria and when we visited Saturday morning, they did not have many home-made sweets (they did have more pastries they bought in).

One of the few their produce was this orange pie (portokalopita).

It was made with fyllo pastry and served with real (i.e. not vegetable) whipped cream.

It was a very nice Oriental cake.

Coffee was average, but very cheap by Piraeus standard - 2.80 Euro for a cappuccino.

I would surely come back to see if they have some other Oriental sweets, when I happen to be there.

Izmirli Aile
Tzamadou & Zosimadon 48, Piraeus
Tel. 210 411 8541

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