13 October, 2011

Mourouzis Grill @ Kalyvia

In Athens we are in the middle of 48 hour strike of the public transport.

Dog and Tram Line

Tomorrow there won't be even taxi.

There is no one collect garbage, because, alledgedly, the dumping site is under occupation. At some points, the roads are completely closed by the garbage and there is no space to walk.

Archaeological sites and museums are closed for 2 days, because the guards are on strike. Next week the tax officers are on strike, when the state is desperately in need of tax collection.

Bloody situation to live in really.


Here is what we did on a Sunday about a month ago.

On our way back from the sea we stopped at Kalyvia, famous meat grilling place in Attiki. Vari is better know to the foreigners, but it is now in serious decline. It does not make much sense to go there, except for a week before the Lent. Kalyvia, instead, seems to be buzzling.

We stopped at a restaurant called Mourouzis. It occupies 3 or 4 buildings and there should be more than 1,000 seats.

The street was full of meat grilling smell.

It is not a place to look for sophisticated dishes, so we ordered some classic: fried potatoes, salad (greek salad without feta), tzatziki, and grilled bread (which was an obligatory order). As you see, the portion was enormous. Tzatziki would have been 4 portions in a touristy taverna in Plaka.

And meat!

We usually share 1 portion between us, but on that day Hubby insisted he was very hungry and wanted 2 dishes.

This is grilled veal T bone.

I never order veal steak, as it does not have meaty tastiness like matured beef. Hubby sometimes orders it and always gets disappointed. He never learns.

The meat was soft and nice, but still it was... veal.

We both liked better pork belly slices ("pancetta" in Greek).

We could not finish it and took half the meat away. Looking around us, most of the people do the same. Order huge amount of meat and take away what remains.

After the meal, we were offered some fruits.

Many people were eating yogurt (in an enormous portion again) served with bright colour spoon sweets.

The bill was a bit above 40 Euro. Not cheap, but the food was enough at least for 3 people, so if you come in a big group, the cost performance should be very good.

That is what we would like to do next time.

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