29 October, 2011

Karsi @ Piraeus

[P.S. I found this place closed down recently: 19 October 2013]

I heard that there was this mezedopoleio in Piraeus which was really nice and this week I finally had a chance to try it.


It looks nice and cozy from outside.


Interior is modern retro-style which is in fashion. There were some old pictures of Piraeus on the wall.

On seating, we were offered a small bottle of tsipouro, red pepper filled with cheese mousse, and bread.

The menu read interesting with some unusual combinations (as you will see a few of the examples below). There were many items, but as it came to order, we were told 2 of the 4 items we wanted were "finished", so I don't know how much real is this menu.

One of the starters was Taboule.


It was OK, but it I sensed a hit of staleness. Maybe the bulgur was not cooked on the same day.

Another starter: fried feta with tomato and hot chili.

Feta Saganaki

Again, it was OK except for that the chili was not hot at all.

A main dish: fried pork (tigania) with orange and thyme.


Portion was generous but I did not like it. It smelled too much and I got an impression that it was not adequate cut for tigania. Even with orange and thyme, it did not smell good and the texture was wrong.

Another main dish: grilled pork fillet (psaronefri) with mustard & basil.

The mixture of mustard and basil was nice, but the meat was deadly dry and hard.

We ordered additionally a tomato & cucumber salad and the final bill came to 36.30 Euro (the below receipt does not include the salad which was 2 Euro).


I definitely prefer Geia Mas in the same neighbourhood, although, to tell you the truth, we have never returned since they served us a rotten lemon.

Akti Themistokleous 40
Freattyda, Piraeus
Tel. 210-45 10 400

Ακτή Θεμιστοκλέους 40
Φρεαττύδα, Πειραιάς
Τηλ. 210 45 10 400

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