09 October, 2011

Tyropita @ Pasiakos Driver-In

We went for a trip to Pelion this summer. I have roughly finished the Pelion section of Gate to Greece. I still need to enrich the text parts, but skeleton is there.

So I start writing about the food we had during the trip just for my record.

The first food we had during the vacation was at a drive-in located somewhere near Lamia. The Drive-Inn was called Pasiakos Oasis. I have a vague memory that I had been to a Drive-In called Pasiakos near Lamia, but it was closer to Lamia than this "Oasis Pasiakos".

It was quarter to 13:00 and it was a perfect snacking occasion, as we preferred to have lunch in Pelion. This drive-in had a variety of Greek dishes ready to be served (self-service style), but we had just a piece of cheese pie and two glass of frappé.


This is not a bakery tyropita, but so-called "tyropita fournou (oven baked cheese pie)", tyropita typically cooked at home. Made with fyllo pastry and crumbled feta cheese.

Greek Cheese Pie

It was rather cold and a touch under-done, but still it was a filling & tasty snack to get ourselves going for some hours more. If I remember well, it was about 3 Euro a piece.

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