21 October, 2011

New @ Sytagma-Plaka

About two weeks ago, Hubby & I visited a new place on Filellinon Street called New.

I had an impression it was a cafeteria, but I was wrong. It was actually a restaurant/bar attached to a new hotel called, again, New. If you are an Athenian, you might understand if I say that it used to be Olympic Palace Hotel.

However, being a hotel lounge, there are also a few tables for coffee only customers. So, we were asked if we had an appointment with somebody.

We were given 3 or 4 menus. 1 is for food (and maybe there is another one for lunch), bar menu, and coffee/tea menu. Of course I checked the food menu, although we have just eaten lunch elsewhere and there was no way we could eat. The prices are of "restaurant" class. I would first try more accessible lunch menu, and only if I like it, I would try also the restaurant menu.

We ordered 1 filtered coffee and 1 cappuccino. Water was from a bottle.

For cappuccino, I could choose organic or Neapolitan (it had another name, but do not remember now). As the waitress said that the latter is stronger, I took this one. It had a surprisingly strong flavour. Definitely one of the best cappuccino I had I had in Greece.

Hubby had filtered coffee which came in a generous pot.

And together with coffee, we were offered migniardises, as if we were in a top-end restaurant (maybe we were).

Lavender Macaron. Smelled of lavender which reminded me of ... toilet deodorant. Sorry.

These metallic chocolates were really great. As I do not like chocolates in general, but eat only top quality ones, I can discern high quality chocolate pretty easily and I can tell you these were.

Decoration was a bit strange. These "woods" were made from parts from old furniture. I rather liked it.

Toilet was also elegant.

The cappuccino was 5 Euro and the filtered coffee was 4 Euro, and we were charge only 9 Euro. Nothing else.

This is the website of the hotel.

I would definitely come back to try the food at some point.

And now that I hear that some shops in Filellinon street were damaged by mobs during the recent violent episode on 19-20 October, I am somehow worried if anything happened to this nice place.


A black dog relaxing flatly.

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