18 September, 2011

Scoop @ Metro Mall, Agios Dimitrios

Last Saturday, we went to Metro Mall in Agios Dimitrios.

It is a big shopping center opened this year by the Agios Dimitrios Metro Station. It includes many shops, cinema, food court, restaurants and cafeterias. We went for a coffee.

The best thing about this mall is the view.

At La Pasteria, Flocafe, and Scoop there are tables with view. There are also tables outside, but when we went it was too hot to seat outdoor.

I like Flocafe, but to try something new, we entered the cafeteria called Scoop. The name I think come from the "scoop of ice cream", as the menu features ice cream.

Interestingly there was a mascot girl as if it is a club.

She was trying to entice any passers-by to her cafeteria. It was entertaining for me to watch her efforts.

I ordered a waffle with vanilla ice cream and milk chocolate. Except for the ice cream I liked, it was very average.

Coffee was served with a morcel of brownie.

The price is as high as in cafeterias of central Athens.

If I had lived close, I would have gone there from time to time. The parking is available for 1 Euro per hour, which is acceptable.

But I don't live nearby and don't see the revisit in near future.

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