08 October, 2011

Archondiko @ Patras

After the nightmare meal at Olympia, I really needed to eat well at least once during the trip. So, although we were not so hungry, I insisted we should try one more place which I found my last trip to Patras.

It is a mezedopoleio (restaurant with meze dishes) near the Roman Odeion of Patras.

The Neo-Classic building behind trees is the place and the tables were arranged in the park in front (I saw also the inside the building; it was neither spacious nor attractive).

It functions also as a cafeteria and you can order only drinks.

We ordered only 3 dishes. It was neither lunch nor dinner time and we did not want get stuffed before the long way home.

The menu was long and included some interesting/imaginative dishes, which usually is a good sign.

From the front in clock-wise, grilled bread with olive oil and oregano (obligatory order), potato & cheese in oven, and gardener's salad. All the items came in a large portion. The vegetables in the salad were impressively good; I usually don't get such fresh & tasty veggies even from Laiki market. The potato dish was my selection for Hubby and he was happy with it.

The main dish was veal with asparagus. I rarely see asparagus on the menu of Greek tavernas and that was why I ordered it. Greece produces asparagus, but, as the Greeks do not eat it much, most of them are for exportation within the EU area.

I had never tried till then the combination of veal & asparagus. I found it working well. The slight bitterness of asparagus matched perfectly with the sweetness of veal in tomato sauce.

A cat joined in.

With these 3 dishes + bread + 1 beer for Hubby, we got quite full. But, it did not finish here, because they brought us a free dessert together with the bill.

This is panna cotta with caramel sauce and baked apple with rasberry (?) sauce. Generous.

The total bill came just above 25 Euro. Very good value for money, but I would be happy even if they charged us more. It was worth it.

On the way back to our car, we discovered that Trion Navarchon Street was full of restaurants. Before, I had an impression that Patras had little restaurants and many fastfood shops. This discovery solved the mystery; in this town, restaurants were concentrate in certain areas.

Trion Navarchon

Now we have a reason to want to come back to Patras.

ΤΗΛ. 2610 624 834

ψωμί 3
νερό 1.70
μπύρα (250ml) 2
σαλάτα 6
πατάτα 5
μοσχάρι 7.50

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