25 May, 2010

Gazohori Again

Yesterday was the day of Holy Ghost, national holiday in Greece. I am not sure why the day is dedicated to the Holy Ghost, neither my Greek husband. I am afraid we are not very religious, but merciful God gives religious holidays even to those who are not religious.

That is why we went to the town.

The day of the Holy Ghost is a strange holiday, in the sense that shops are mostly open. It is a nice day to go for shopping. In fact, it was our initial intention, but we quicky lost our sense of pourpose and stranded into Hubby's favourite mezedopoleio, Gazohori (Γκαζοχώρι). It was the fourth visit.

For previous visits and the address, see here : Gazohori.

Gazohori is a curious place. It grew into a huge mezedopoleio just in front of the Keramikos Metro Station, but you don't find it either in Athinorama or free papers like LIFO. It is also very popular, always more crowded than other eateries nearby.

We ordered five plates.


Tzatziki, Pork Tigania, Aubergine Borana, Fried Potato, Rocket and mozzarella salad, and a beer.

Aubergine Borana is Hubby's favourite and we never fail to order it.

It is oven baked aubergine and mitzithra, but aubergine is treated before getting into oven and has caramerised sweetness.

Apart from not fresh tzatziki and too salty chips, the other stuff was very good. With a bottle of beer, the bill came to €29.50. Not particularly cheep, but expensive either. The quality/price proportion is very good.

We sat at a table with these cats.


They did not demand any food, probably being already full.

And afterwards, we went to Thissio for coffee at Syn Athina.

It is essentially a cafeteria/bar, but offers also crepes, waffles, sandwiches, and mezedes.

And they make strange Greek cocktails with tsipoula and mastiha.

Unfortunately I don't drink, but, if you are interested, do go and try.

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