14 May, 2010

Aegina Day Trip 4

Last batch of Aegina photos.

We continued to stroll around Aegina town.

Another friendly and playful cat. Regardless of its lion like mane, the cat was female.


In front of the port, there are many horse carriages. In my opinion, the coastline of the town isn't long enough to justify the need of carriage, but evidently there are tourists who like to ride.

This is the pistachio shop of Aeginate Agricultural Association.

Although the price here is higher than in other shops in Aegina town (but it is not much more expensive than in Skravenitis Supermarkets which sell their own brand of quite good pistachios), you can get a guarantee that their pistachios are from Aegina.

Because of the climate and soil suitable for pistachios, the Aeginate nuts are reputed to have better flavour than those produced in other parts of Greece.

We bought a packet to try. Hubby, one of Hubby's brother and his wife said these pistachios were better than usual ones, while I didn't find much difference from other high quality pistachios. Well, you have to try by your self. A 100g package won't damage your wallet too bad.

While walking around, we were searching for somewhere to eat. Many mezedopoleia / psarotavernes did not seem much different from those in Piraeus coast, albeit that the price is somehow cheaper. After much examination, we settled on one which is a bit away from the center.

Although it was full when we arrived, in 5 min we get one table in the shade.

We were offered a red dip.

It looked suspiciously red chili paste, but turned out to be red pepper (capsicum) paste.

From Today's Dishes section, we picked dormadakia yalantzi (herb rice wrapped in vine leaves).

Their characteristic showed that the vine leaves were fresh.

And a huge bowl of salad with leaves, manouri cheese and dried figs.

It was very refreshing in the hot Sunday afternoon, although it should better be shared by more than 3 people and not by 2 as we did.

The main dish was Atherina.


Again tasty, although not particularly better than the fresh Atherina we eat in Piraeus.

By the way, the cat in the photo is the same one which tried to sleep on Hubby's lap. Just after this photo was taken, a big black dog came and she took a flight. It was a shame, as we could have shared the fish.

The fried potatoes arrives at last.

The colour is slightly too pale, but tasted fine.

You might think that we did not eat much, but eaten with bread, we got really full in the end.

With a bottle of water and a bottle of beer, the bill came to €31; expensive by Aeginate standard, but well worth for the quality. We would love to return at the next time we'll be in Aegina town.

Babis (Μπάμπης)
Akti Toti Hatzi 7
Paralia Panagitsas
Tel. 22970-23594


Then we bought coffees and got on to the boat.

On return, the boat was quite full and it was impossible to find any seat inside (ant it was too hot). So we remained on the deck, where again was pretty full. Besides, the boat arrived and departed 15 min late. I was guessing the boats tend to accumulate delay in late afternoon.

Well, that is all. Hope to go back there soon. Next time, we would like to rent a bike and to explore parts of the island where we have never been to yet.

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