05 May, 2010

Aegina Day Trip 2

We arrived at Aegina Port.

Aegina Port

This was the my third visit to Aegina, the first one dates back to 2002.

Foreign tourists tend to think Aegina as a convenient but least attractive choice of Greek islands. I, however, love its liveliness and loveliness and think well worth repeated visit.

Aegina town is very lovely with its neo-classic, pastel-coloured buildings.

This is a statue of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first Prime Minister of Greece.

During the war of Indipendence, the provisory - yet to be recovnised officially - government of Greece was established here. Aegina, therefore, is the first capital city of modern Greece, while the first OFFICIAL capital being Nafplio.

We strolled along the seaside looking for cafeteria, as Hubby wanted his second breakfast.

And we found a beach cat.

beach cat


For seome reason she loved Hubby and wanted to use him as her bed.

It seems that cats get sleepy when they see him. Also when we visited Mystras in January, two cats crawled up his knees and fell asleep.

And we found a cafeteria near the cat.

Hubby had a frappé and I had a milk tea (the bright sunlight might give you an illusion of summer-like hot day, but it was just warm and breezy by the sea).

'Milk' part of milk tea materialised as 'Nounou' and was accompanied by, besides sugar and a biscuit, a pot of honey as sweetner. I have never seen tea served with honey in Athens, where maybe you have to request if you want it.

And we had a chocolate crepe, which was beautifully presented and tasted satisfactorily good.

All of these cost €9. Things are slightly cheeper on islands, we thought (of course, so far as you don't go to Mykonos, probably).

After the elevence, we continued the exploration.

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