10 May, 2010

Aegina Day Trip 3

It has been quite a while since we made this trip. I will try to finish it up fast.

This is a building we saw near the cafeteria (see the previous post).

Ping Building

Nothing particular, but beautiful.

This is the seaside road of Aegina.

As most of the buildings are listed, the view has not changed for many decades.

This is a taverna near the fish market. We wondered if it was a good idea to have lunch here, but, in the event, we thought it was too dim.


Although it was a Sunday, the fish market - very small, about a dozen of shop - was open. Do they try to sell fish to tourists? I don't think the price is cheaper than in Piraeus or in Valvakio in Athens. Besides, if we buy fish there, it gets stale during the transportation. Not a good idea.

By this time, most of the seaside and not-really-seaside tavernas were full. We checked what people were eating so that we can find a good place to sit down.


Red Bougainvillea

Here in Greece, we can see bougainvillea all year around, but they look better in hotter season.

This is a hotel in the Aegina town. I photographed because the sun room in the upper floor looked unusual.

lace curtain by the window

Inside is decorated with Greek laced curtain. I wondered who it looked like from inside.

Brightly painted house and pink bougainvillea.

And half-ruined building.

Totally ruined door.

These combinations of colours, particular to Greek islands, are enchanting.

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