16 May, 2010

Shadows of 5 May Riot

These are the photos I took on the 8th Mary 2010 (Sat.) morning on Sygrou and Amalias Streets. They show damages afflicted on the 5th May when anti austerity measure demonstrations turned into violent.

They never meant to be violent and in major part remained to be peaceful. However, as often happens in Athens, some extreme activists took an upper hand. Three bank employees were choked to death by the smoke caused by fire and many material damages were made. Even innocent tourists passing Syntagma Square suffered from tear gas.

I recognised that people have the right to protest, but no one has right to bleak windows of shops and hotels from which many ordinary people's earnings are coming. It is exasperating that I've never heard of anyone arrested for these criminal acts.

This one below is a windon of Athens Gate Hotel.

As the consequence of this and of successive strikes, tourism - Greece's one of the few ways of earning from abroad - is suffering; 20,000 hotel reservations were cancelled in successive days.

Greeks are choking their own throats. Could anyone help them?

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