15 May, 2010

Al Fresco Lunch

It is getting hot in Greece; not just warm, but summer hot.

When it gets hot, the Greeks eat outdoor, either in restaurants or in apartments (i.e. in terrace). The other Sunday we stopped at the taverna Nikitas in Psyrri for a quick lunch.

View from our table

We ordered Veal with mushroom, cheese pie, salad, tzatziki, chips and a bottle of beer. Total €23.60.


I knew they do better in grilling meat than in stewing it (this place actually is a psitopoleio, i.e. grill), but Hubby wanted the veal and that was what we ate. It was average as I expected and the side rice again was very average as I knew from past experience. The other stuff was fine and good value for money.

Afterwards, we headed for the gelateria Mattonella in Monasteraki Square. My favourite ice cream parlour in Athens.

Mango Sorbet

We were feeling the summer, Greek summer.

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