01 June, 2010

Piraeus Port Yesterday

Yesterday, the Greek port/ship workers' union went on 24hour strike from 6 in the morning and for this reason many ships remained in the port.

Piraeus port

Piraeus Port

I went to the Port this morning as well and found it filled with ships.

Besides, there is a protest in the port staged by Greek fishermen. At this moment they are not obstructing other ships, but declared that they might do it.

At the last port strike, there was a physical confrontation between striking workers and the tourists trying to get off from their cruise ship "Zenith". Yesterday morning, to counteract this negative publicity, merchants from Athens and Piraeus went to the cruise port to welcome the tourists handing them flowers and showing Greek traditional dance and music. I saw it on tv and it was hilarious. According to the report, however, at one point it got ugly as the merchants and port/ship workers started to argue.

OK. Workers have right to strike, but at the same time, they don't have right to damage other worker's business. The state sometimes have to intervene to ensure least possible damage is done to its people, but in Greece, it is not effectively done.

The Zenith, the ship that suffered last time, changed its course and avoided Piraeus at all, stopped at Malta.

Greece cannot bear any more loss of business, can it?


This Saturday evening I went with 8 other people to the cafeteria/mezedopoleio Dioskouroi on Adrianou Street in Monastiraki. We had beer and mezedes - not too copiously, but quite sufficiently - paying 12 euros a head (including reasonable tip).

If you have a big group, there always is someone who is not eager to pay much. Not necessarily he/she earns little, but just find it useless to spend in eating out (just as I find smoking total waste of money).

I thought a place like Dioskouroi is perfect for such an occasion, offering not-offensive food and cosy environment. It is so central that no one can complain for inconvenience.

(Dioskouroi on Adrianou in the morning; it is usually very busy from the early afternoon on).

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