01 May, 2010

Aegina Day Trip 1

Some photos from our latest trip to Aegina.

This is the ship that we take: Nefeli of Hellenic Seaways. One way ticket cost 9.50 euros and it takes 1 hours and 5 min from Piraeus to Aegina port.

Now the cheapest ticket costs 7 euros. I guess it is because the ship is old and slow but don't know for sure. The flying dolphins are very frequent, but I don't know if it worth your euros just to cut 20 min of travel.

The ship going out of Piraeus Port.

Water looked almost black, ink blue sort of colour.

Walking around the deck, I found this box with familar characters on.

It was an emergency exit shooter made by a Japanese company Fujikura Rubber. That was why instruction was in English and Japanese.

I felt like meeting a compatriot at the end of the world!

This is the port of Aegina.

It was my third visit to Aegina and the last time was in the summer 2006.

In our previous two visits, we have never explored the Aegina town well. So we went to explore it.

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