23 May, 2010

Public in Piraeus

I guess many of you are familiar with the Public in Syntagma Square; a shop that occupies a whole building next to Everest. It sells electronics, CDs and books. And it has a cafeteria in front of it and another inside the building looking onto the square.

Later last year, the same shop opened in Piraeus, near Marina Zeas. Belatedly, we paid our first visit last Saturday.

We did not go to shop, but for cafeteria, as we were told that it has a nice view.

We were surprised to find such a large space dedicated to cafeteria.

Public Cafe

There are many tables both indoor and outdoor. There were only few people. Maybe not so few, but in such a large space, they looked very few.

We sat at a table in the balcony and here is the view.

Marina Zeas
It is a fine, but not extraordinarily so.

The price of the coffees is rather high, not surprisingly so in Marina Zeas.

Hubby ordered a frappé and I ordered a waffle.

The basic order includes a waffle and a scoop of ice cream. Everything else commands supplement charge, in my case, for example, chocolate sauce. Even so the price was about 4.70 (I am a bit hazy here, but was definitely less than 5), so it is all right.

It was crispy on the outside, and fluffy in the inside. Very right and pleasant, but chocolate sauce and ice cream were mediocre.

They offer also light meal options and it seems to be a nice place for lunch.

When we visited the shop - not only the cafeteria, but the whole building - did not have much people even if it was Saturday afternoon. I wish they can keep up the operation in Piraeus, where so many shops are closing down lately, unfortunately.


To the Gate to Greece website, I uploaded a review of the trattoria Peccati di Gola in Glyfada.

It was good, but thinking that we would have paid half the price in Italy, it will take some time for us to go again to Italian restaurants.

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