18 April, 2010

Antica Gelateria di Roma @ Nafplio

Yesterday afternoon I was in Nafplio for school excursion. We had already had lunch in Kolizeras (Κολιζέρας) in Mykines and it was perfect dessert time.

I had many limitations being in a big group, but managed to pass Marcello's Antica Gelateria di Roma, probably the best gelateria in Greece. (And having lived in Italy for 5 years, I can tell you that such a good gelato is hard to come by even its mother land).

A friend of my who knows well Nafplio once told me that the Greeks tend not to like this Italian style ice cream preferring creamer ones. Having observed, however, how crowded it was yesterday, it seemed that his business was going well.

I had mango sorbet and marron glace ice cream.

I think the secret of his success is to use best ingredients. Marron Glacé ice cream had marron glacé bits and very good flavour. I liked less the mango sorbet, but was fine.

The down side is the price. The ice cream in the photo cost €4.50. He won't be able to charge as much in Italy, I suppose. I noticed also that the corn wasn't crisp enough.

Having eaten it, I had to realise that the Mattonella in Monastiraki Square - my favorite ice cream shop in Athens - is doing quite good job and I won't miss next opportunity to try some other flavors.

Antica Gelateria di Roma
ΤΗΛ. 27520-23520

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