10 April, 2010

Do Minore @ Agios Dimitrios

Yesterday we went to a Rebetiko night club called Do Minore in Agios Dimitrios.

The music started after 11 o'clock and we started to eat at 1 o'clock. We left the place at 4 o'clock.

Lots of food (not exceptional, but all right), tons of wine, non-stop live music. It was pretty entertaining. There is a small space for dancing, but it was far too small for everyone who wanted to dance (the place was packed).

We were a big group of about 20 people and paid 18 euros per a head.

Recommended, if you like this sort of place.

Do Minore
Eleutheroton 12
Agios Dimitrios, Athens
Tel. 210-9733135

Ντο Μινόρε (ρεμπέτικα-λαικα)
Ελευθερωτών (από Πριάμου 83)
Αγ. Δημήτριος
Τηλ. 210-97.33.135

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