03 April, 2010

Athens in Spring 2

Yesterday was Good Friday and we went to the Church in the evening. The church was filled with the small of flowers (of epitaphios and of the shower of flower petals during the mass) and of bee wax (the candles used in the church are often from bee wax). We marched about half an hour with epitaphios holding candles in hand. It was beautiful. The church and religion have many ugly things, but I will be sorry, if we don't have there religious ceremonies.

Tonight is the Anastasi (Resurrection) night and I won't miss it.


But for now I continue with the photographs I took in Athens this Wednesday.

Without really knowing I strolled into Exarchia.

In Exarchia there are many beautiful neo-classical buildings and some are well maintained.

I feel upset to see these buildings damaged by ugly graffiti. I hope these anarchists give up Exarchia and go to live in some country where actually there is no government. They should be able to find some in Africa or in South America. Then they will learn what anarchy really means.

Generally speaking Athenian graffitists do not have much of artistic talent. This is a rare example of nice graffiti.

This is a park in Exarchia that looked like an abandoned building site. Maybe really it is.

Then I walked down by the Archaeological Museum toward Omonia. I found a Romanian restaurant.

Well, the big sign board says "To Iasio - traditional kafenio" but just below it says Iasu (?) Cafe-Restaurant Romanescu.

And next to it is a Kurdish club with many posters of Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. I would be more interested in Kurdish cuisine than in Romanian, but it does not seem to serve food. It is a pity.

Kurdish Kafeneio

I ended my stroll at Omonia Square. I have always loved Oriental sort of confusion around Omonia. It is getting international and more exiting. It is really a shame that it is getting dangerous as well.

Kali Anastasi everyone who celebrate it!

P.S. On Gate to Greece website, I uploaded a page on Sparta Archaeological Museum and the Perivleptos Monastery in Mystras.

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