10 April, 2010

O Tzitzikas ki o Mermigas @ Syntagma

Yesterday I went to the Syntagma Branch of O Tzitzikas ki O Mermigas for quick lunch with a friend. It turned out to be a big disappointment and I write the experience just as a note.
When we arrived at 2 it was only half full and we could even find a table in the outside, but it was totally full by the time we left.

We ordered a bowl of steamed mussels (€ 12.42) from the seafood main dish section and a kebabakia of veal, lamb and pork (€ 9.50) from the meze section. The prices are strange (and different from those you read on the menu because of the recent rise of Consumers' Tax from 9% to 10%).

The mussels were the worst I have ever eaten. As many of them were closed, we thought that they were old and dead, but it was not the reason. They were so undercooked that they did not have time to open up fully. When we figured it out, we have already eaten half of them, so we did not dare to cook them again. Besides they were too salty and the cooking liquid smelled too strongly of alcohol as the white wine in it wasn't boiled enough time.

The kebabakia (small kebabs) were at least edible, but nothing attractive. The tzatziki came with it smelled stale and unpleasant.

We paid also for the bread (€ 2.05 for 2) and a bottle of orange juice (€ 2.38), and the total came to € 26.35 including 8% of Easter 'Present' (after 5 days from Easter). It was far too much for the poor food we ate.

The service was rather unfriendly. For example, the friend ordered 'Orangina'. The waiter, without explaining to her it wasn't available, just brought a random bottled orange juice.
We probably ordered unfortunate dishes, as the other diners around us looked happy. But what I ate yesterday, I am not hurrying back to test it again.

O Tzitzikas ki O Mermigas
Mitropoleos 12-14, Syntagma
Tel. 210-3247607

Μητροπόλεως 12-14, Σύνταγμα
Τηλ. 210-3247607

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