04 April, 2010

Χριστός Ανέστη!

Christos Anesti, everyone!

Today (4th April 2010) is Easter Day both for Orthodox and Catholic Christians.

We went to the Church in yesterday evening and passed the Resurrection moment there. Then we went to Hubby's parents' home with holy fire in hand. According to the custom, we dine there with soup, eggs and meat (or maybe not; Hubby's family eat meat from this moment, but other families eat only meat/guts soup and eggs as the digestive system is too weak to eat meat after almost 50 days of fasting). We went home at around 3 in the night!

The next day (Sunday) is the Easter proper. Many Greeks bake meat (baby lamb or baby goat) in oven or on grill. Probably the most traditional way is to grill the whole animal on the spit, but many use oven as well.

Today was very fine and warm and ideal for souvla (spit used for the grilling).

I baked about 2 kg of baby lamb in oven and brought it to in-laws house for lunch and went for coffee later.

It was a very peaceful (and bit lazy) Easterday.


On Holy Saturday we went to a mezedopoleio called Brahakia in Thissio, just next to the famous mezedopoleio Filistron (which was unfortunately closed for Easter vacation). I won't recommend it for cooking, but the environment was quite good. Here is the review of Brahakia (Βραχάκια).

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