16 April, 2010

Peinirli @ Ampelokipoi

After some research about Peïnirli in this post, I've got curious about this Turkish-Greek-Pontic delicacy.

Until then it was for me just a cheesy bread sold at any pie stand, but having realised that it possibily offers more, I was looking for an occasion to try some better examples.

It came when we were walking in Ampelokipoi area. It wasn't a restaurant, but was a bakery specialised in Peïnirli.


The shop is called "Ionias" (Address is 3 Οδός Πανόρμου. I don't have the phone number, as they did not give us receipt). Inside, it was something between pizzeria and bread bakery. There is a counter and behind it is a oven from which a Peïnirli man continues to bake fresh Peïnirli.

There are 6 or 7 sorts of toppings. I was attracted by the one with anthotyro, but I thought I should try first more classic one.

I bought one with kasseri cheese, mushroom and sliced tomato. Before handing it to me, the girl at the counter aksed if I wanted some butter on top. I said "Yes" of course! :)

Hubby went with yellow cheese (I don't remember which cheese was it), ham, sliced green pepper and mushroom.

I think ours cost €2.30 each (it differs according to the toppings).

Now, bread. I think this section photo can tell you something. It is relatively heavy and 'gooey' if it is the right word (probably it isn't, but I cannot find any other).


The cheese was of better quality than in usually pie stands.

I could not finish it because of my poor cheese capacity, but my cheese man finished his and my half.

I am quite happy with the experience and will continue searching good peïnirli.

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