14 April, 2010

Filadelfi @ Panormos

Last weekend I went to a taverna/mezedopoleio called To Filadelfi in Ampelokipoi.

To Filadelfi

Here is what we ate.


We went there with some friends who live in this area and they had been to this place in the past. As I had already written on the above web page, I was overwhelmed by the quantity of meat and oil on the table and could not really enjoy the meal to the full. It happened because the other people wanted to eat in that way and it was hardly the restaurant's fault.

On this occasion, I realised how important to have right combination of dishes to have an perfect meal. It depends of your eating habit: one man's (or woman's) perfect combination can be another man's nightmare.

Nevertheless, I am grad to have explored a new area in Athens.

Το Φιλαδέλφι ταβέρνα-μεζεδοπωλείο
Δουκίσσης Πλακεντίας 128
(κοντά στον σταθμού Πανόρμου)

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