29 November, 2009

Psipsina @ Psyrri

Yesterday, I had an odd job in the afternoon and then I met up with Hubby in Syntagma for a walk. In Syntagma Square there was a nice rock concert dedicated to World AIDS Day. No wonder that one of the sponsors was DUREX.

The musicians were all very good and succeeded to attract lots of audience.

Then we continued toward Monastiraki and then to Psyrri, where I met by chance a former schoolmate of mine. He is a Chinese who speak a bit of Japanese. He said he studies in Patras (that much I knew), but comes to Athens weekends to see his friends.

I cannot help feeling that central Athens is quite small. There I just keep on meeting people I know, just by sheer chance. And I don't know so many people here in Athens. This did not happen to me in Tokyo.

We went to Psyrri wanting to try a creperie called "Picasso di Crepa" on Takis Street which I found on Internet (here). We indeed found it, but was closed. There was no sign of life and there was a remnant of yellow paper advatising premises for lease.

We know that there was a branch Crepa Crepa nearby, but, as I have already mentioned here many times, I don't like chain eateries (I repeat: not because the food does not taste good, but because it lacks in character). The alternative we found was Psipsina (Ψιψίνα) on Agion Anargyron Street.

I forgot to take a picture of the shop, but you can at least see this friendly femal cat in front of the shop. Unfortunately she cannot won't be available as a landmark. ^_^


It is catered both for take-out and eat-in. This is a seating section inside the shop, but they also have some tables alongside the street and in half-open corridor.

Look at the furniture to understand the quality of decor. I can also mention that the toilet wasn't really clean (there is only one both for men and women). The coffees are very cheap. Single Greek coffee still costs 1 euro: the price you can see only in neighbourhood kafenio nowadays. In this photo frappé was 1.50 and tea was 2 euros.

They sell sandwiches, crepes, waffles and loukoumades (Greek doughnuts). Althouth they offer ready made combinations, we selected "create your own": base crepe is 3 euros and toppings - sweet and savory - are 0.50 euro each, except for ice cream which is 1.50 euro. Ours is a crepe with banana, chocolate, and almond. 4.50 euros.


I was surprised to find our crepe on a small paper plate. It could have come in a paper wrap as take away, but on a paper plate? For 4.50 euros? Although this rather careless presentation, crepe itself tasted fine. Much better than the one from Creperie Parisienne in Monastiraki. The crepe did not taste of uncooked flour and had right texture. Chocolate and almond were also generous.

Although the crepe was good, it missed the value-for-money target. Neverthelss, if you are ordering it with cheap coffee, the bill will be somehow balanced. Conclusion: I might go back to savour their nice crepes, but, before, I would like to explore more elsewhere to seek a better value for money.

Ag. Anargyron 43 Psyrri, Athens
Tel. 210-3312446

Αγ. Αναργύρων 43, Ψυρρή

P.S. I am surprised to find out that apparently it used to be a fish restaurant cum gallery.

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