19 November, 2009

A Greek Gentleman

The other day, Hubby and I were waiting for bus in Piraeus.

Bus arrived. At entrance, there were two of us, 3 Greek teenagers, and an old man in marine blue suit. The boys jumped in first. We two waited so that the old man would pass before us, but he did not move.

We said to him: "After you".

But the old man said "No".

He continued: "Lady (=me) first, then you (=Hubby) as you accompany her, and me last".

Taken by surprise, we obeyed him.

As you readers don't know me, I also have to mention that I am the least lady looking woman in ... Piraeus, at least, and look pretty healthy and young as well.

We wished we can maintain as much dignity as he does, when we'll be old.

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