14 November, 2009

Souvlaki in Plomari, Lesvos

A piece of memory from this summer.

One of the places we visited in Lesvos this summer was Plomari on the southern coast. During the two days we stayed, some sort of town festival was being held and in the evening the town was full of people. It wasn't a sort of festival to attract tourists, but rather for the people living there and in vicinity: there were concerts of local amateur/professional musicians and big souvlaki catering.

I wasn't so hungry in this evening and did not want a sit-down meal. Neither was Hubby and he bought a souvlaki from a psistaria, which was packed with locals and we waited about 20 min to buy one souvlaki.

To our surprise, a souvlaki cost 2.20 euros, i.e. more expensive there than in Athens and tasted just the same. As there was no way that the rent cost more in Plomari than in central Athens, it should be due to lack of competition. So, if you are planning to open a souvlaki shop, do it in Plomari and not in Athens! You earn 10% more at least! (But of course, you must ignore me, as I am not considering the fact that in Athens you probably have costom all year around, while not necessarily in Plomari).


This nothing to do with Plomari.

Yesterday, there was Sixth Sense on TV (Star). It is one of our favourite films and I think this was the third time to watch it. Even after the third watch, it still impresses me. This sort of supernatural stories very rarely gives a satisfactory solution/conclusion, but Sixth Sense does. And this time I realised how well represented the relationshop between the boy (main character) and his mother. It was just moving.

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