15 November, 2009

A Taverna in Agiassos, Lesvos

I added some food photos to Agiassos page on Gate to Greece.

And these are the photos that I did not used on the site.

When we visited Agiassos in Lesvos, we had a lunch in a local taverna. They had a very long menu, but when we tried to order from it, most of the dishes did not exist at all. Only with my prompt, the waitress told us what they had on offer. It is rather odd. It is usual that family-run tavernas in Greeks serve a limited variety of dishes, but in such cases, they don't bring menu at all and list the dishes only orally (I have seen this style many times also in Italy). We were mystified.

They, I asked her if they had anything local, typical dish. She said: "no". OK.

This is gida kokinisto (she-goat cooked in tomato sauce).

And aubergine papoutsakia.

Both tasted very average, but I have to tell also that the food was very cheap. With salad, tyrokafteri and fried potato, the bill was a few euros above 20.

The tyrokafteri we ate here tasted very unusual (the photo is on the page on Agiassos). We asked the woman what cheese they used. Being unable to answer, she asked another waiter. He said that it was a blend of 5 local cheeses.

OK, tyrokafteri is a standard Greek meze, but blend of 5 LOCAL cheeses sounds quite LOCAL dish to me.

Moral of the story is that knowledgeable service staff can sometimes make our meal memorable and vice versa.


In this taverna, I met a Greek Cypriot lady called Fanny (I guess Fanouromeni is her real name) of certain age. She was part of a pilgrim group of Greek Cypriots living in UK. She said to me that she is working in a hotel and has a great sympathy for Japanese guests. And then, on leaving, she greeted me with her palms pushed together in front of the chest. The Japanese do this gesture when they pray to god/gods, but never to greet people (I think it is the Thai people who greet people in this way). I explained it to her, but she insisted it was OK, as her Japanese guests in UK did so as well.

Message to my fellow Japanese nationals: Stop mimicking just to please her! ^_^

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