21 November, 2009

Livadia @ Omonia, Athens

When I went to Polytechnio on 16 November, I stopped at the souvlaki shop Leivadia (read 'Livadia') near Omonoia Square. It is a pretty famous souvlaki place and you can find it even on foreign guidebooks.

Here, there is only one main dish you can order: pork souvlaki for 1.20 euros. In this sense, it is similar to Telis Pork Chop House.

In this case, souvlaki means grilled pork skewer, and not pita wrap with grilled meat and accompaniments. I should rather call it 'kalamaki' to be clear and have to stress that Livadia does not sell pita wrap version.

Now, this is the procedure:

1) Go to the cashier and pay for whatever you want (besides pork skewers, you can order side dishes like chips, Greek salad, feta etc, and drinks).

2) Go to the bar counter to order drinks and side dishes (except chips) showing the receipt given by the cashier. If you want wedges of lemon, you need to ask here.

3) Then go to the grill man and tell him how many pork skewers you paid for. Here the grill man snatch the receipt from you, so be careful. The grill man will hand you the skewers on metal plate, after dipping them into lemon juice. If you don't like non-fresh lemon juice, you'd better tell him beforehand.

4) You can either go to one of the tables or counters, and serve yourself with bread and water, if you want.

5) Livadia's kalamakia are not loaded with salt as in many souvlaki joints; you can splinkle as much salt as you want at table/counter.

6) Eat!

The grilled pork cannot too wrong in general, but Livadia's pork souvlakia are more special because 1) it has right amount of fat content (if you don't like pork fat, it is not a place for you), 2) they don't cook the meat to death and the meat remains pink and juicy.

I will take Hubby there next time.

Gladstonos 7

Check out "Gate to Greece" http://www.mesogeia.net/athens/estiatoria/leivadia_en.html for more photos!

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