25 November, 2009

Ilektriko Disruption Faliro-Tavros

As many Athenians knows, Ilektriko (otherwise known as Attica Metro No 1 or Green Line) has disruption between Neo Faliro and Tavros from 14 November until 16 December.

There is a temporary bus service in between two stations, but during the rush hours it is hardly enough. Apart from the bus capacity isn't as large as Ilektriko, it takes more than double the time as it has to run busy roads between Piraeus and Athens.

I need to go out half an hour earlier to go to school in the morning and have to suffer, with all the other passengers, pushing, bustling and cursing. On the way return is almost as much tragical.

Alternative is 040 bus service between Piraeus and Syntagma. I tried it this morning, at 7 o'clock. Fortunately I live not far from the starting point of 040 bus and could get a seat, but it got busier and busier and in Kallithea already it did not even have space for standing passengers.

The whole situation is totally ridiculous. It is just so Greek life.

As I said, it will continue until 16 December (sigh).


As I arrived bloody earlier (like 6:45) in Syntagma, I stopped at Grigoris for breakfast. Banana-choco croissant and regular cappuccino for about 4 euros. Banana-choco stuff was too sweet for me, although the combination of warm banana and chocolate was good.

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