27 November, 2009

Creperie Parisienne @ Monastiraki, Athens

We felt famish walking down Athenas Street on Sunday.

The most obvious choice was a quick souvlaki from Bairaktaris, but passing in front of this crepe shop, we changed our mind and decided to try it out.

Its precise address escapes me, but it is at the bottom end (Monastiraki end) of Athenas street.

They don't offer any ready-made combination of crepes. This means that you have to choose every single one of toppings. I ordered cheese, mushrooms, and cabbage-carrot. The seller girl tried to convince me to add some more ingredients, but, to be honest, I don't like too much toppings on my crepe, so I declined. As Hubby was softy, he added one topping suggested by the girl (or, did he just want to please the girl; who knows?)

I think that mine came to about 3 euros and Hubby's 4 euros. I cannot tell you precisely, because I did not have time to check the receipt or was allowed to keep it. After we paid the bill, the girl kept the receipt to complete our order. I.e. the receipt functioned also as our order form, and that is why we could not have it. I am not sure if it is legal.

Now the crepe.

Leaving aside the toppings, the crepe for me was too doughy and tasted raw flour. Being think, it was very filling, but I did not want to fill my stomach with stodgy sheet of flour.

That is why I don't think I will go back.

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