25 November, 2009

To Pithari @ Monastiraki, Athens

In between two meeting-ups, I stopped at this souvlatzidiko to give a quick fix to my stomach.

It is a very small place on Ifestou Street between Monastiraki and Thissio. I think it is mainly for take-out, but has some tables.

I wanted to order pork skewer in pita wrap (pita kalamaki hirino) (1.80 euros), but it was ran out already. So I ordered pork giro (pita giro hirino) (2 euros) instead.

This is it. Nothing particularly noteworthy, either in good or in bad sense. One thing I found positive was that the pita wasn't at all oily or greasy. I cannot stand oily pita.

While I was eating it, I noticed it was chicken gyro, not pork, as I ordered.

Chicken gyro is sold more expensive than pork gyro, 2.20 against 2 euros. So I guess it was a honest mistake, but I don't understand how could it happen, as they were not busy and it was made by the same man whom I placed the order. Well, not that I don't understand. It is called incompetence, I am afraid.

To Pithari (Το Πιθάρι)
37 Ifestou Street
Tel. 210-3215420.

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