01 October, 2009

New Acropolis Museum Cafeteria

Having some time to kill in Athens, I visited the New Acropolis Museum for the second time. It was in afternoon of an weekday and there was hardly any queue for ticket.

I knew that there was a panoramic restaurant in the museum, but I rather opted the cafeteria in the ground floor as I wanted to eat something before starting the viewing.

Beside drinks, they offer light meals like sandwich and cakes.

Sandwich menu is rather interesting, in the sense that there is no 'ham and cheese sandwich', but 'smorked turkey ham and katsiki cheese from Domokos sandwich' and so on. I choose the one seemed the most adventurous: Kalloni (town in Lesvos) sardine, grey mullet bottarga, and fresh basil leaves in semolina bread sandwich.

I like fish sandwich, but this one was far too salty to my taste buds. Kalloni sardines are salt cured and the ratio of salted fish againt bread was too high. I quickly finished diet coke and a glass of water to get the sandwich through my mouth.

The remarkable point about this cafeteria is, however, the pricing. Sandwiches are beteen 2.80 and 3.50 euros and cakes are 3 euros. Soft drinks are about 2 euros, so you can have a light lunch only for 5 euros circa. Considering the cafeteria of National Archaeological Museum charges exorbitant price, it is a great bargain.

Just that I will order something else next time. ;)

P.S. I visited this place on a different day and the service was quite caotic. Yes, it was busy, but it does not have so many tables and there were 5 or 6 service persons. You might have to be a bit patient on one of busy days.

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