31 October, 2009

Voronof @ Kastela, Piraeus

In Kastella area of Piraeus there are some music taverns. One Friday night of October we decided to visit one of them. In future I hope to visit one by one so that I can offer a complete picture.

The first to come was Voronof, situated between Passalimani and Mikrolimano. According to their website, it offers 90 seatings.

We arrived at 11 o'clock in a Friday evening. In Greek music taverns it seems that the music starts usually from 10.30 or 11, if it is not in touristic places like Plaka where the entertainment starts much earlier.

We were seated on the first floor, as the ground level was occupied by two large groups.

The waiting staff was pleasant and attentive; we were well served even though we were on the upper floor.

Upon seated, we were offered a small bottle of rakomelo and some black olives (on house).

The first three dishes arrived quickly: Green salad (Πράσινη σαλάτα, 5euro), mushrooms in cream (Μανιτάρια αλά κρεμ, 7euro), and diced potato baked in oven (Πατάτες στο φούρνο με τυρί, 6 euro). Unfortunately the photos did not come out very well as it was quite dark inside.

As you see, the price is relatively high for the things they offer, which is all right as we are supposed to pay also for the music. The problem was that the food wasn't that good. We were almost grateful that the portions were not large, as, if they had been, we would not have finished.

The green salad was fine, as you can imagine, it is difficult to go wrong. The diced potato was too greasy from the fat coming out of the cheese. In my opinion, the potato should not be cut so small as, doing so, potato loses the lovely starchy texture. Mushrooms seemed to be from a tin. Personally, it did not bother me, as tinned mushrooms were my childhood comfort food. Just that the cream did not have any particular taste and rather bland.

It took quite a while for grilled meat patties (Μπιφτέκια, 9 euros) to arrive

Unfortunately, it did not worth the wait. The taste of meat wasn't bad, but the patties were too dry and it was difficult to swallow. The chips strangely tasted like crisps and were disgusting.

The best thing we ate that night was the home-made cream pie (σπιτικό μπουγατσά) offered at the end of meal.

I don't like bougatsa when the cream tastes too much of semolina flour, but this one has almost the perfect flavour. I know. The picture does not do justice.

Now, about the entertainment. The music was more than OK. There were a guitar player and a bouzouki player. They were also singers, and both played very well.

Some people danced.

But the dancing space wasn't large enough to allow more than 5 or 6 persons at a time.

With 750ml of house wine, the bill came to 35 euros (there was two errors in the first bill which was 3 euros more, but I don't think they did it on pourpose). This probably isn't bad considering that it included entertainment. I just wish that the food was a little bit better. We might go back there for the music, but definitely not for food.

Karatza 29, Kastella, Piraeus
Tel. 210-41.30.503.

Καρατζά 29, Καστέλλα, Πειραιάς
Τηλ. 210-41.30.503.

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