20 October, 2009

Istioploikos @ Mikrolimano Piraeus

Hubby and I went to Istioploikos in Mikrolimano for a coffee on a Sunday in September.

On the previous day, an acquaintance of mine told me that it was a very nice place and that was why I felt I should come and see. Otherwise, I would not have gone at all, as I had an impression that this is that sort of place where people go just to show off.

Istioploikos is on one end of Mikrolimano and it belongs to the yacht club in front. There is a section reserved for the club members, but the rest of the space is open to all who are ready to pay!

It has two storeys: the lower storey is restaurant and the upper one is cafe-bar which becomes club in the evening. Below is the view from the upper floor.

It was packed in this Sunday afternoon, but fortunately we could grab a table just vacated. They serve light meals as well as coffees and alcoholic drinks, but many people seem to use it as a bar rather than a cafeteria.

Price is high. Higher than other cafeterias in Mikrolimano, but not higher than in Marina Zea, I thought.

This September was rather cool and wet and this Sunday wasn't an exception and that was why I ordered a cappuccino, if you were wondering why I should order a hot cappuccino in mid-September in Greece.

Coffee was wine. What I did not like at all was loud music; it was difficult to have a conversation. Obviously it is purely a personal preference and many people prefer this way. Just that if you want to enjoy your coffee quietly, forget about the cafeteria of Istioploikos during the weekend.

The restaurant below has a view closer to the water, something like the one below. Maybe it is more attractive in the evening. It was quiet and a different environment from the cafeteria-bar above.


My impression of Istioploikos is rather negative. Not because it is bad absolutely, but because it does not suit me.

On our way to the bus stop, we found this attractive cat.

Akti Mikrolimanou
Tel. 210 41.34.084

Ακτή Μικρολίμανου
Τηλ. 210 41.34.084

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