14 October, 2009

Filema Mezedopoleio @ Central Athens

Tried Filema Mezedopoleio in Romvis Street in central Athens this Monday for lunch.


I don't exactly know how this area is called. It isn't Plaka, Monastiraki, Syntagma, or Psyrri, although it is really central. If anyone know how this triangle made by Athinas, Ermou and Panepistimiou streets is called, please let me know.

Romvis is a short and narrow street that runs between Kolokotroni and Perikleous streets. Regardless of its shortness, there are as many as 4 eateries (if I remember well) and it is a perfect lunch spot for those who work nearby.

Filema has two shops facing each other across the street. We ate at the shop in front of the one in the photo. The kitchen is in the latter.

When we arrived at 12:50, most of the 'dishes of the day' are not yet available. So we chose mostly from the regular menu.

These dishes arrived quite quickly: horta (4 euros), midopirafo (rice cooked with mussles - 7 euros), and chips (3 euros). They were all acceptably good, although not "surprisingly good". The mussles tasted pretty fresh and were not over-done. Chips looked fresh and hand-cut.

The prawn saganaki (6.50 euros) took ages to arrived and when it eventually did, we have almost fished all of the three dishes above.

To be honest, the frozen prawns were rather tasteless and I wished I had ordered something else. But to be brutally honest, for 6.50 euros, I think I have got what I paid.

Speaking about value for money, the portion size here was all very generous for meze dishes. We both thought that 3 dishes would have enough to feed us 2 well.

And not only.

After the meal, we were offered free desserts. Again, not that good, but nice touch.

For the four dishes and a bottle of coke (we were given free tap water as well) we paid 24.50 euros. It is pretty good value in central Athens, is it not?

Even so, I doubt if I will go back. My impression was that the food wasn't interesting enough for me to return. However, if you happen to work nearby or if you want a quick but sit-down meal in this area, this cheerful and budget-conscious small mezedopoleio is not at all a bad place to go.

Mezedopoleio To Filema
Romvis 16, Athens
tel. 210-3250222

Μεζεδοπωλείο Το Φίλεμα
Ρόμβης 16, Αθήνα
τηλ. 210-3250222

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