28 September, 2009

Rivisting Fish-Taverna Without Name

These days I have been quite busy and tired, such that I could not bring myself to write this blog, which - to be honest - not the priority of my life.

But, this does not mean that I stopped to live or to photograph; now I have accumulate quite a lot to write about.

However, I am still out of energy. Not because I am tried, but it seems I caught cold. It was quite chilly yesterday, and while having lunch outdoor, I mush have chilled myself too much. I don't feel very well at this moment, and for this reason, I am kicking off with a short post.

Several days ago, Hubby and I returned to the fish-tavern-without-name in our neighbourhood, as I was far too tired to cook after a long journey.

They don't have many items on the 'menu' which actually does not exist and should be recited by a waitress; various fish and shellfish, salads, fried potatoes, and a few other mezedakia (they had feta saganaki, courgette balls, fava on that day).

This is mixed salad.

And grilled squid (thrapsala) which Hubby loves.

We had also feta saganaki, chips, a bottle of beer and a bottle of water. All for about 21 euros.

You see. Here, food is fresh and nice, but nothing fancy and the cooking isn't that good to brow your mind. This is a sort of taverna where neighbours gather when they don't bother to cook or when they want to chat with neighbours over some plates and ouzo. I don't think it worth travelling to visit this place, but we are lucky to have it in 5 min walk from our flat.

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