11 October, 2009

i CAN has cheezburger!

Today's lunch: a cheeseburger and a diet coke at Macdonald's, Syntagma Square.


Although I don't hit fastfood chains in principle, I have to admit a certain weakness toward Macdonal's cheeseburger. I have no idea if it is better or worse than other cheeseburgers, having so little experience in burgers in general, but it does hit the spot for me. It might have something to do with the fact that, in my university days, it was one of the cheapest food I could find in town and ate it from time to time when I did not have time to go home to eat.

The Syntagma cheeseburger tasted butter than what I remember and I enjoyed every mouthful. It was a magical cheeseburger moment.


Then I got 040 bus from Syntagma to go home. This weekend there is a disruption of Ilektriko line between Kallithea and Nea Ionia and it is almost unusable for me.

In the bus an Egyptian guy sat down next to me and he started to talk to me because I am beautiful and he wanted to marry a Japanese woman. Usual stuff. Well, not because I am beautiful. It is because that is a sort of things they say.

He said he was a farmacist in Egypt, but just a casual worker in Greece. He has been living in Greece for 19 years and is hoping to get a Greek citizenship.

I feel for these fully capable people not being to able to find adequate job in their own country and have to do lower grade job abroad. When somebody is born in rich country, he/she find a job even with a modest effort and capacity, while someone is born in poor country, he/she cannot make living even making more efforts and having more capacity. We all know life isn't fair, but still the thought is depressing.

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