06 October, 2009

Πήγαινε στην χώρα σου!

Yesterday, when I was in a bus on my way to Piraeus station, a foreign guy (East European) got on with his boxer dog without mouth cover.

The driver stop the bus, came to the rear of the bus where the foreigner was standing and shout at him.

The foreigner put a mouth cover to the dog, but the driver kept of shouting and urged him to get off the bus.

The foreigner, whose Greek was so and so and covered with tatto on all over his body, explained that his dog wouldn't cause any trouble.

Some of the elderly women on the bus started to shout at him: Πήγαινε στην χώρα σου! (Go back to your country!)

The guy eventually got off the bus cursing the others in his language.

The experience left me a bitter taste. It is fair enough if the women shouted at him for his bad manner (there were small children standing near him and probably it isn't allowed to bring large animals in the bus anyway), but the shout was very xenophobic.

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