03 October, 2009

Apple Pie in Anaxos, Lesvos

Writing the Lesvos section in Gate to Greece, I came across this photo.

These are a chocolate croissant and an apple pie I bought from a bakery in Anaxos.

This bakery is excellent and has a lot of stuff; not only bread, but also cakes and ice creams. The price also was very good; a simple tyropita (cheese pie) cost 1 € only.

One of my pleasure during the trip is to have breakfast with freshly baked pastries. I have had many experiences of hotel breakfast, but for some reason it can never beat the breakfast in bakeries or with bread fresh from bakeries. When I am pressed by time, of course, I prefer to eat the breakfast at the hotel, but, otherwise, the hotel breakfast is better be avoided.

This bakery in Anaxos did not have eat-in tables, so one morning I went alone to buy breakfast bread, as Hubby sleep until late in the morning on his days off. There I spotted 'milopita' (apple pie). Apple pie being my favourite pie, I settled on it, but then I noticed a problem; the name plate of apple pie was put in front of bougatsa (cream pie), and the bougatsa plate was in front of apple pies.

When I asked the woman at the counter an apple pie, as I expected, she gave me bougatsa (usually, bougatsa looks quite different from milopita, but this bakery makes bougatsa with the same dough as apple pie's). I said her politely that it looked bougatsa to me. But she was quite confident that it was apple pie.

I repeated twice my doubt, but she insisted in her error. Being more confident than she was (because from the position I was standing at I could see the filling, while she couldn't), I paid the price, broke the bougatsa into two, and showed her that it was actually bougatsa.

Finally I won my apple pie.

I am sorry about the bougatsa that probably she should have to discard, but I really wanted apple pie, and I can tell you that it was worth the effort!

By the way, the chocolate croissant was for Hubby; he does not like the texture of cooked apple and always avoids apple pie.

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