23 September, 2012

Apple Pie @ Marquise, Glyfada

Yesterday, after late lunch, we went for a late coffee in Glyfada. It was almost 8 o'clock in the evening.

After a walk we ended up again in Zisimopoulou Street, but this time we avoided Haagen Dazs and found a table in a cafeteria/restaurant called Marquise.

There was a quite lot of people in Zisimopoulou, but when we arrived, we could still find a table easily, but those who arrived later had some difficulty. It was good to see people still go out in Saturday evening.

We were looking for something sweet, so we had a apple pie served with ice cream and caramel sauce (6.20 Euro).

It was a decent sized cut of apple pie. I prefer the apple to be cut smaller, but I appreciated it because it did not look like mass-production. Vanilla ice cream also was pretty good and di not have unpleasant after-taste of low quality cream. I found the price tug of 6.20 Euro well reasonable.

We had also one large cappuccino (5 Euro; if I remember well, a normal cappuccino was 4). I do not have nothing particular to write about the cappuccino, but should mention that it was served with two slices of chocolate cake. Again, I found it good-value-of-money in this high-street of Glyfada.

We might come back for club sandwich or something next time.

Zisimopoulou & Lazaraki 45

On leaving Zisimopoulou, I noticed Kayak has opened a huge shop at the corner. I think I overheard that it opened 3 months or so ago.

Apart from their well-known ice cream, they were selling also frozen yoghurt. There was a quite lot of people buying goodies.

Speaking about frozen yoghurt, I also have to mention that an impressive number of frozen yoghurt shops have opened in Glyfada. Probably we walked in front of 6 or 7 of these this time. How many of these survive the winter, I wondered.

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